The D.R.

We had the most incredible trip, so different from the way we used to travel.  Gone are the days of staying up until dawn while exploring a new city by moonlight and bottles of wine. Gone are the days of sleeping in and ordering room service as we lay in bed soaking up the foreign morning light. In its place; afternoon walks with Jack in the ergo while he naps, his hair damp and rife with curl in the humidity, days spent playing on the beach, eating dinner early before restaurants become too crowded, then walking back to the hotel and hearing Jack say the word “star” for the first time. We spent so much time exploring, as only being with a child impels you to explore, slowly and so thoroughly. Any thoughts of a sight-seeing checklist were scratched to accommodate the pace of a child who could spend a year exploring a single stretch of beach.

I think these days, in years to come when I look back, will be remembered as the best days. Not because they are easy or glamorous but because they are so filled with purpose and love. I used to spend a great deal of time concerned over if I was accomplishing “enough” or doing “enough” in a very abstract way. These days there are fewer quandaries  and so much more peace. I am raising my son and creating my family and that for now is more than enough, it is perfection. I love the way our lives have changed.








Bon Voyage

I am playing catch up, there is so much I want to post about; the end of health month, moving in to finance month, all the amazing changes that Jack is going through but I just have not been able to manage it. Lynch has been shooting for 3 weeks with no days off, this is always intense for all of us because shoot days are usually about 16 hrs long. He leaves the house before Jack wakes and comes home far after he has gone to sleep. I really don’t understand how single parents do it! between being up with Jack all night and being with him all day it can get…intense. But on the bright side, Shark Pig has so many exciting things going on! They shot back to back Burt’s Bees and Ugg commercials. The Ugg commercial shot in the Dominican Republic, so Lynch has been there for the last week, and we are going to join him tomorrow!

I am so excited for the trip, I have been dying to travel! The trip really came together quickly, Shark Pig booked the commercial 2 weeks ago and then we spent a few days questioning if Jack and I should join them after they wrapped (um obviously.) Once we came to our senses and decided, I scrambled to get Jacks passport, and get mine renewed, which meant lost of trips to the Federal Building with a 17 month old (fun times.)

I bought Jack his first electronic toy, a cell phone and am planning to download a few toddler apps on the ipad (which he has never played with before.) I am hoping that abandoning my parenting principals in order to distract him during 10 hours of flying will pan out well for us.  I have informed Lynch that when I land and he picks us up at the airport I will be immediately handing him Jack, and he will be handing me a cocktail. I feel optimistic about the travel, and honestly it does not stress me out too much, babies cry, people have to deal, and you can always buy your seat mate a drink if your baby kicks them repeatedly while nursing (true story, that happened.)

I hope to arrive home next week, refreshed, energized, cold-free, and slightly tan. I need this trip, lately it feels like my mind is boxing in my life, getting caught in detail and losing the big picture. Traveling always bursts me out of that small mind-set, and that is needed right now.

bon voyage!