The days are slowly growing longer, light stretching out in to the evening so we can play and frolic more. We have been frequenting the park more these days with our pals.  Jack was not that keen on it before but has started to enjoy it more, although for the most part he mostly likes to run and ignores the jungle gyms.

His time at the park unfolds as follows; run, run, run, find dogs, chase dogs, run, run, run, find moon, yell “moon” 500 times, run, run, run, climb jungle gym, try to jump off some inappropriate part of jungle gym, ignore friends, try to eat friends snack, ignore own snack, run, run, run, chase birds, fall down, get friends snack as form of pity from friends mom over fall, run, run, run, eat sand, eat more sand, desire water since mouth is parched from eating sand, try to steal friends water, ignore own water, run,run,run, fall, eat sand whilst on the ground post fall, get picked up by mom, demand to nurse, get taken home as the last of the daylight drains out of the sky.

PArk 2

Park 4

Park 8


Park 12

PArk 11

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