B Game Christmas

I love Christmas, and I like to celebrate it to the fullest but this year I decided to ditch all of  my expectations, relax and really enjoy time with my family, that’s right, I did not bring my A game. I did not send out cards, make presents, or travel, and it was amazing. On Christmas eve we made homemade pasta, watched Christmas movies and relaxed in our Pajamas. On Christmas day we opened gifts in the morning then made a big dinner to enjoy with friends. Jack went crazy over the little piano we got him, it was such a sweet and relaxing day.

I hope to carry this feeling into the New Year, to focus on family, to simplify. Sometimes it feels like the little joys get overshadowed by putting too much pressure on my self or by setting ridiculously high expectations, this year I hope to be a little gentler on myself, to be more involved in the moment. This time, when Jack is small is so incredible, I want to absorb every drop of these beautiful days.

Happy Holidays








The moment that you become a parent you are filled with the understanding that there is nothing worse than the loss of your child. It was with this understanding in mind that I cried tears for the victims of the tragic school shooting in Connecticut on Friday. Although I know the horror of the day is felt by everyone, parent or not, I could not look at it through any other perspective than that of a Mother. I was and am filled with so much sadness, confusion, frustration and the overwhelming need to hold my own boy close. I immediately start to wonder what I can do, to help, to prevent, to keep my own family safe.

In the wake of a tragedy we all begin to point fingers, to try to ensure that something like this horror will not occur again. Hopefully we also look to ourselves and ask what we can do to create a more peaceful culture, I know that I have.  I could spend more time being charitable,  I could be more involved supporting politicians and policy that I believe in.  But I have realized  that the most important thing I can do to help contribute to a peaceful, compassionate and sane world is raise my child, to the very best of my abilities, to exemplify these qualities. That focusing each day on being the best parent that I can be is a way to help. I am not implying that it is a simple equation, that thoughtful parenting negates the existence of maniacs and mentally ill adults in the world, but I do think that in this county there is a shameful lack of attention and respect paid to raising our children. I see this lack of attention in our government, our lack of good education, our lack of laws that protect children, our lack of maternity leave, our lack of health care. But I also see this lack of attention in families, so many people seem to think that it is someone else’s responsibility to raise their children, to teach and instill values in them, that the schools should do it, or the government should do it.  Raising children should be everyone’s priority, family, government and community. It is the children who will be the citizens of tomorrow, and shape our country, whether it be peaceful or violent will depend on them.

I hope that some positive change can come out of this tragedy. I hope that the community and families affected can find peace and healing. I hope that during this season of love and charity that we can sustain these traits and carry them in to the new year.

OK, I’ll get off my soap box now.


Shark Pig

In this season of gratitude, one of the things that I am grateful for is Shark Pig. Shark Pig is a full service production company that began as a unique wedding videography company started by Brian Morrow, or Shang, as we call him (or Seng, as Jack calls him) specializing in super 8. After a year of Shang working like a manic, traveling the world and building an insanely successful wedding video company, he started getting inquiries to branch out in to the world of web content, behind-the-scenes, and commercials, that is when Lynch joined Shark Pig. These days the company has a wedding component that includes multiple shooters (all of whom are brilliant and a perfect addition to the Shark Pig family), and a thriving production company. As Jack grows I am excited to be more involved in the company, Shang and Lynch are generous in including me in the broad strokes, and letting me choose the pace that feels right to begin to work again.

I met Shang in college, he was one of those people I knew I wanted to be friends with instantly, he had such a winning sense of humor and easy charm about him. He used to wear an old soft hat that had belonged to his grandfather, he played the trumpet in his car and was the life of most social gatherings.

Shang and Lynch hit it off instantly as well. But I think their friendship was solidified over 24 hours of male bonding in which they ditched class, bought and donned cheap suits from the local thrift store while they drank 40’s in an abandoned box car on the railroad tracks, spilling their guts to each other (very John Steinbeck if you ask me.) Although their outward personalities are almost polar opposite they share a wild and sentimental streak that bonds.

After one particularly bad break up of Shangs, he made a list of the 100 movies he was ashamed to NOT have seen (especially as a film major) and posted it on his dorm room wall, classic movies like the “Godfather “and “Deer Hunter” made the list, to which I added “Singing In The Rain” and “Breakfast at Tiffanys.”  We all hunkered down with him and watched about 3 movies a day, drank PBR and helped him nurse his broken heart. When Lynch and I started dating we did not enter in to it very gracefully, instead we kept it a secret, and we were constantly breaking up and getting back together. The only person who knew about our dramatic/ridiculous/ secret relationship was poor Shang and he had to listen to both of us expound upon it constantly!

When we weren’t engaged in exercising our teen angst, we were exploring our creativity by making films, doing theater, and producing parties and events. After college we all migrated to Los Angeles and worked odd jobs while we made our way in to commercial and film production, working together as much as possible, and with our other friends in production.

That has always been the dream, and that is the cornerstone of Shark Pig, not only to be able to DO what we want but with WHO we want. That was our dream when we were throwing rap shows in broken down barns in college, and that is still our dream today as Shark Pig produces amazing content. There is so much more that we want to accomplish as a company, the vision for the future is far reaching and vastly creative. It’s a heady thing to recognize that you are accomplishing what you always wanted.

Photographs by Lou Mora (one of our talented friends that we are pleased as punch to be working with.)