Sad Sheep

Jack was a sheep for Halloween.

I had originally wanted him to be a satyr, but I failed in the crafty mom department and did not have enough time to make him a costume, which introduced a whole new category of guilt in to my life; mom who does not make Halloween costumes, but buys them from Amazon at the last-minute! This is a close guilt cousin to; Mom who did not get it together in time to send out written birthday invites and had to send an invitation via E-mail instead.

Jack was not pleased with the sheep costume, and began to cry as soon as I put it on him. Actually, first he fell over trying to run away from me so I could not put the hood up, then he started crying.

I took him to a Halloween fair on the 29th, but knew that the chances of wrangling him in to the sheep suit were not good. Also it was 95 degrees out, which added to his  dislike of the costume. I decided to strip him down and put some wings on him instead, so he spent the night as a little cupid.

People went  a little crazy over him. I kept hearing coos of “what an adorable little angel” and “what an adorable little girl.” That one made me a little confused. He was wearing his red sandals and his teething necklace, but I don’t think that he looks like a girl at all!  My favorite comment was “did you dye his hair that color to be an angel?” I would need to be much more dedicated to Halloween to be willing to dye my babys hair for one night.

Next year I am going to have to start working on his costume earlier, maybe if I start in August I will actually be able to get it together!

Sad Sheep


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  1. someone called Luciana a boy while she was wearing pink with flowers on it. ummmm…..ok. and halloween is a joke til they’re 3 I’m convinced. and i already have had guilt for her future as i decidedly uncrafty. good thing there’s Aunt Kristina:)

  2. Kristen Scherer

     /  November 10, 2012

    Why does Jack in that sheep suit keep making me think of Ralphie in “A Christmas Story”……..


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