This is the result of some serious blackberry eating that occurred last week. Lynch mentioned that he looked like a True Blood vampire post meal. While true (and really gross) I did not find it particularly funny as Jack had bitten a little girl in Yoga class really hard that morning.

Jack has figured out that if someone takes a toy from him, and if he bites the arm that is stealing the toy, the thief will drop the toy and he can take it back. This is actually a very effective tactic. I think he may be an evil genius.



10 Things I Learned While Traveling

1. 10 days without Lynch is a long time.

2. 10 days without Lynch is a lot of diapers to change for Mama. I began to develop a theory that Jack had been storing up his waste, like a camel, waiting until I was on my own to release it. I swear I have never had to change him so much.

3. I used to deeply dislike speaking to strangers, and preferred my conversations with acquaintances kept short, but I will talk to anyone for any amount of time if we are talking about how rad my baby is.

4. Even at a casual wedding, being a bridesmaid and caring for a 1-year-old can be slightly disruptive and daunting. I had to duck out of the barn for a moment during the ceremony because Jack started to cry. However if you dress your baby in a suit and bow tie that matches the bridal party people don’t seem to mind.

5. If your child likes to crawl under stall doors you have to hold them while you squat and pee in the airport bathroom, this is very acrobatic and a really good thigh workout.

6. People freak over babies with red hair.

7. In other parts of the country you get a lot of credit for being back in shape after you have a baby. I have worked out for most of my life, to hardly any fanfare ( the injustice ) but since having Jack I seem to get major points for this outside of LA. I should clearly move, and continue to enjoy this ego boost.

8.  I need to live in a place with seasons and weather again.

9. Spending all day, and all night with Jack is exhausting and awesome.  I am with him 90% of the time, but that extra little bit of time together was really sweet, I feel like it made us even closer.

10. Jack is not really a baby anymore. I noticed this most keenly when we came home. Seeing him in his familiar environment hi-lighted how much he has changed in the past few weeks. He is so much more verbal, he says hello to everyone and barks at every dog we pass. He can run and climb more steadily, and his ability to sit and play with toys has expanded. His temper and his independence show themselves more readily, but he is also becoming far more affectionate. He is starting to look a lot like a toddler.

The Burn

We are happy to be home from our travels and getting back in to the flow of life again. It’s hard to believe that Jacks birthday was 3 weeks ag0!

Baby burning man was a success! The little ones were dressed very burning man hip, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. We had about 14 kiddos and their respective parents along with a few of Jacks “grown up” friends join us.

I was so filled with happiness looking around the party at all the people who had come to celebrate my boy. So many of them were not even in our lives a year ago, and now they are so vital to our little world. Having a baby connects you to so many wonderful people and nothing is more gratifying than watching your child connect and build their own relationships.

The pictures of Jack and I were taken by Max Wanger and the picture of the 3 or us was taken by Brian Morrow. So nice to have such talented party guests!