Baby Burning Man

Our pals at Burning Man 2011-photo by Ethan Killian

For the past few months we have been living in a state of constant uncertainty, as there was a strong chance that we would be packing up and heading to Illinois for a 3 months to be on location with Lynch, durning the making of a film he is producing. Unfortunately the project has pushed to the spring, but the silver lining is that we will be staying in town for Jacks birthday and can have his party here in L.A.  At long last I have picked a theme and have started planning it (if somewhat frantically.)

Last year our dear friend Brian celebrated his 30th birthday at the Burning Man event, it was an epic celebration, even his Mom attended. We were not able to attend as I was “with child,” and about to deliver any moment. We have been flirting with different themes, but decided on Burning Man when we realized that Jacks birthday gifts of a teepee and a drum were very appropriate for the event. And imagine how adorable the babies will look in burning man outfits.

I still have a lot of planning to do but am keen on orange ombre balloons, and an orange ombre cake if I get really industrious. I am working on gift bags, but so far have included maracas and temporary tattoos. As far as Jacks outfit, I am thinking angle wings, some snappy shorts and maybe some goggles. And as my friend Elizabeth said about her little boy, he can always go naked and would  be perfectly in style for burning man.

Lynch had the idea to construct a popsicle stick man that we will burn at the end of the party (they do this with an enormous wooden man sculpture during the last night of real Burning Man.)  The concepts are still coming together for me, but I giggle every time I think about it, and that makes planning a birthday party in two weeks much more fun.

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  1. You’re the coolest mum ever!

  2. Grandma

     /  August 16, 2012

    You ARE the coolest mom ever! I agree!

  3. thank goodness for elizabeth, i know what H could wear now!


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