Favorite Toy

Jacks favorite toy is this little green blob, that we unfortunately named Green Booba. Sometimes when you have a baby that does not talk yet, the one-sided conversations tend to get weird.  There was this whole week were Lynch and I kept talking to Jack in Spanish. The only problem was neither of us actually speak Spanish. But we  were really utilizing the 20 or so words that we do know, throwing in a few Italian words and then making up the rest. However we did (for good measure,) add the “o” sound at the end of made up masculine words and the “a” sound at the end of made up feminine words.

Before I continue this little tale I would like to remind you that we were and are operating on almost no sleep. Anyway, we had begun to refer to nursing as “booba” which is ironic because we are so against baby talk, but somehow managed to start developing fake Spanish baby talk.  Realizing this we had to shut the whole thing down and try to speak to our baby in proper English, unless of course we actually learn a second language, which would be awesome.

The legacy of our broken Spanish/baby talk rests with Jacks toy Green Booba. He was named during our haze of insanity because of his resemblance to the boobas (it helps if you say it with an accent and use hand gestures.) We thought it was funny and yes we are very sophomoric. The name stuck and the toy became Jacks favorite. Naturally because it is the most embarrassing one to address in public.

The toy was a gift from our sweet friend Adrien. Jack really does love it. His eyes light up at the sight of it and he really enjoys chewing on the hat.  I would like to get him another toy from the company, geared towards older babies. I will try to give that one a more traditional name.

Here are a few pics of Jack and Green Booba over the past few weeks. Enjoy.

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