Yesterday my husbands production company Sharkpig had a promotional shoot for the founders in their office. It was photographed by the amazingly talented husband and wife team of Lou Mora and Sarah Yates. As everything is with Sharkpig, what could have been a mundane photo was elevated to the level of awesome, original and a little bit nuts. I think the 150 pound pig really took it there. That’s right a pig was present, her name was Pickles. I am sure if it was in any way possible they would have had a shark.

Jack and I were in one of the shots with Lynch (sadly we were sans pig.) It was fun to go in and get all gussied up by the pros. There was even a stylist to pull a dress for me. We went with a little nod to Donna Reed. I am still about a size bigger that I normally am and not feeling my most picture worthy but what’s a wife to do? So I swallowed my vanity, sucked in my tummy, strapped down my boobs and had a blast. Jack had it easy in the wardrobe department. He was in a diaper and leg warmers. The leg warmers were accidental, he was wearing them to the shoot and the stylist likes them so on they stayed.

Jack did amazingly well with the whole day. It was a pretty chaotic environment, between the pig squealing (so loud,) huge flash going off and tons of people.  I was in hair and make-up and Lynch was off being shot, so Jack chilled with the production assistants and stylist and was fine. This kid seems to love chaos. Which is ironic because it seems my entire mission in life, besides getting him to sleep is to keep our lives clam and chaos free.

It really was a fun way to start the week, and as my MIL pointed out I had been longing for a touch of glamor, so lets see what else this week brings.

I will post the photos once we have them, but here is a little sneak peak from my phone.


Founders and Pickles

Me in the bathroom checking out my make up

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