Dating Again

Now that we have a sitter that I love, we are dating again ( me and Lynch, not me and the sitter.)  We have been on two dates in the last two weeks! Two dates in 6 months, not bad. DATING IS AWESOME.

I put Jack to bed before we go out. He never sleeps very long in the early part of the evenings, so we know that we have to keep the night short.  We have to be home by 9:30 or 10. I don’t think that my curfew has been this early since…ever ( even poor Cinderella got to stay out to midnight.)  We have been having so much fun. I don’t think Lynch and I have ever had so much to say to each other, or been more excited to eat a meal.

Both nights Jack woke up just before we arrived home ( he almost always wakes up at 9:30 and wants to nurse.) Our sitter has not been able to get him back to sleep, but he will calmly snuggle with her in the rocking chair. And he will go to sleep for me as soon as we get home. So all in all we consider this a huge smashing success!

There have been a few times that we have taken Jack to dinner with friends in the evening, or to an event. I am hesitant to do it too often, because of his sleep issues I like to stick to a bed time routine. But Jack loves being around people, and people love being around him. A few weeks ago we went to a launch party for our dear friend Michaels new company. It’s a totally a rad event furniture rental company, called YEAH! rentals. We all had a blast. Here are a few snaps from the smilebooth.



First Food

Jack had his first taste of solid food this weekend. I decided to go with the baby led weaning method of introducing solids. To anyone unfamiliar, this is not really a method of weaning, it is a way to feed your baby solids. In BLW you don’t start feeding your baby with puree, but with solid, soft food. You also do not spoon feed your baby, but let them feed themselves. They actually choose when to begin eating (anytime after certain developmental milestones are met, usually around 6 months.) They also choose what to eat, and how much.

We started with avocado. We offered only one food at first, although typically with BLW you would offer more and let them choose. We were eating breakfast Sunday morning, I held Jack in my lap, and we had a few sliced pieces of avocado on the table in front of him. He reached for it immediately and went for his mouth, as he does with almost everything these days. Most of it ended up on the floor, but he managed to get a little in his mouth and gum it around a little bit. He seemed really excited. There was a little gagging, which of course makes me nervous, but that is common with BLW. Later in the day I was eating a banana and I guess he thinks it’s on now, ’cause he grabbed the banana peel and started sucking off the banana.

It is really important that you never put food in the baby’s mouth with BLW, but always let them reach for it. Part of the concept is that as they motor skills progress, their ability to chew and swallow food will progress. For example by the time they have the dexterity to pick up a raisin and place it in their mouths, they will have the skills to chew it and swallow it.

The reasons that I am keen on this is it seems to create a really good association with food. I think it is really nice that the baby eats with you, what you eat right from the beginning. The idea is that you will not have to cook separate meals for the baby and baby will learn to be a part of family meals. Because they have experience with a variety of foods and textures from the beginning it is supposed to encourage more adventurous eaters.

I also think that because Jack has such an independent streak that he will enjoy being more involved in his eating. We actually have a pretty funny tug of war during nursing, as he wants to be in control and is rather hands-on and none too gentle.

All of the children that I know who have done this method are really amazing eaters as toddlers, which is such a tricky time for some. They sit with the family, and eat what the family eats. I am not sure how purely we will be able to follow it, we may end up adding in some oatmeal or other spoon fed foods. But I would like to give it a go. If anyone wants any more info on it check out this website.

We are excited for this new adventure, although it made me a little sad to see how fast my little Home Slice is growing up.

6 Months


Happy 6 months my little lovey. In honor of you 1/2 birthday you grew a tiny tooth! A little pearly glimmer peeping out of your gums. A declaration of your exit from infancy and emergence in to baby hood. It seems that everyday you are changing and growing.

You are a ball of sweetness, fire, energy and charm. These days  you are completely mobile, although not yet officially crawling. This morning you made your way to the DVD player and reached out your little finger and turned it on. Then with equal precision you turned it off. You are becoming so dexterous and clearly rebellious as you know your Mama wants to keep you away from technology as much as possible.

You are a revelation in joy daily. I am so blessed that you are my own. In all my dreams of and longings for motherhood I never knew that it would be this….much. So much love, joy, exhaustion, tenderness, patience and discovery. The world is blooming for you and in all of your exuberance you are taking it in. And everyday you are stretching and shaping my ideas about love.

Check Up

Today we took the Home slice for his 6 month check up! Can you believe it? He is doing really well. He is still in the 95th percentile for height and weight. His head is only in the 75th. I joked that he is all brawn and no brain. This is clearly a joke since we all know that he is in fact a documented genius (I have documented it here.)

On the way home from the appointment I noticed that you can feel one of his little teeth poking from under the gum. You can not see it yet but you can feel it. I think this explains the continuing residence of the Nefarious Dr. Fussers in our house. I think it will pop through any minute. Fingers crossed.

Here are a few shots of Jack enjoying himself in the examination room mirror, getting weighed and a very tired but happy Mama.


As we reach the 6 month mark in a few days, it is really clear that the Home Slice is no longer an infant. He is a baby. Everyday he is learning so much. He made the sign for nursing the other day. It was pretty amazing to watch his first non vocal attempt at communication. His vocal attempts at communicating are getting increasingly louder and more forceful. A woman commented how “nice and developed” his lungs were at out last yoga class. He is a really big fan of the acoustics in the yoga room.

Were gearing up towards eating solids. It seems like there are quite a few methods of introducing solids to choose from. I am very intrigued with the baby led weaning method (which is not actually about weaning but introducing food.) I need to read a little more before I make a decision. I am excited for this next phase but also a little sad.  Once the nursing smoothed out for us it developed in to such a sweet time. It is one of the few times he really likes to cuddle. I still plan to nurse for a while, but it really is the end of an era. I let him suck on a little bit of apple today. He LOVED it. He grabbed the chunk and shoved it in to his little mouth. When I took it away he used his nice and developed lungs to let me know his thoughts on that. Oh I love this boy so.

First Bruise

I alluded to a little comedy last weekend during the Home Slices dedication, so here it is. You may not know, or have ever wanted to know the following; at Jacks age exclusively breastfeed babies can go days without pooping. So when it does happen, it can be very dramatic.

We were driving to the dedication and running late (naturally.) Suddenly an alarming perfume filled the car. Sure enough, when we parked and were taking Jack out of his car seat we discovered that a dramatic situation had indeed occurred. So dramatic in fact that he blew out his diaper and had “drama” all over him, and the car seat.

We scrambled to change him in the back of the Subaru.  What he really needed was a bath, or a good dousing with a fire house. We went through a million wipes, and were trying not to get “drama” all over our clothes (we were gussied up after all.) In the middle of wiping him down he rolled over and bonked his head on the metal frame of the stroller (which we have never even used.) Jack started wailing. We were trying to comfort him with out picking him up as he was still a liability to clothing at this point.

Our friend Jesse who was taking the photos arrived, and started documenting this charming moment. He noted how nicely the case of Amstel Light in the back of the car really classed up the whole situation.

After we got Jack passably clean we noticed a spectacular bruise blooming on his forehead. His very first bruise, and so timely. If you look closely you can see it in all of the photos from the day. It really butched up the 100-year-old christening gown he was wearing. Which I thankfully had enough foresight not to put him in until the last minute so it was saved from the blowout.

Years from now when I look at the photos I will always remember our comic interlude on the way to the dedication, and the subsequent bruise. Then I will tell this little story and deeply embarrass my son!


The Nefarious Dr. Fussers

It has been a little nuts around here for the last few days. Mostly due to the fact that in place of our regular charming baby, we have been living with the nefarious Dr. Fussers. We have always known Jack was a changeling, he does have red hair after all. The nefarious Dr. use to be our guest every evening from 5-8. Luckily his visits are more sporadic than that now. But he has been out in full effect for the last two days. In fact he has just recently earned his doctorate. So as you can imagine his skill level in fussiness has increased. I think this lengthy visit has been brought on by his frustration at not yet mastering crawling and the pre-teething.  Here is a list of likes and dislikes of the Dr. to get you a little more acquainted with his nefarious ways.

The Nefarious Dr. Fussers does NOT like

  1. Sleep
  2. Not being able to crawl
  3. Not being able to stand
  4. Not being able to sit up
  5. Getting dressed
  6. Getting undressed
  7. Being held
  8. Being put down
  9. Any of his toys
  10. The Car
  11. Reading books
  12. Nursing politely
  13. The ergo

The Nefarious Dr. Fussers DOES Like

  1. Screaming and hurting Mamas ears
  2. Eating electronics
  3. Scratching people in the face
  4. Pulling hair and beards
  5. Pinching
  6. Biting, really hard
  7. Being assisted so that he can jump
  8. Being assisted so that he can walk
  9. Being assisted so he can fly through the air
  10. Fatiguing your arms
  11. Crawling backwards under the table
  12. Getting stuck under the table
  13. Screaming because he can not crawl forward
  14. Nursing, as long as the nursing also involves numbers 2-6
  15. Eating the rug
  16. Eating Mamas sweatshirt strings/crying when strings are removed from his mouth due to choking ect.
  17. Throwing toys and then crying because he can not crawl forward to retrieve them
  18. All toys/bedding belonging to the dog
  19. The ergo (it’s a love/hate thing)

I hope the good Dr. departs by the weekend, otherwise Mama is going to have a big old cocktail after he goes to sleep on Friday. Luckily Lynch and I have a date planned!

Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day! I have a little confession to make; I kind of hate Valentines day. I liked all the shenanigans in grade school. I relished my first valentine from a boy, that miraculously made its way on to my desk in the 5th grade. Unfortunately as an adult I always find it kind of stressful.

It always falls on the busiest of days. Days where getting dressed up and thinking of romantic gifts for someone seem like a huge task rather than a genuine expression of love. It is not that I don’t like romance, but it always feels so forced.

I might also be bitter because today my big Valentine is shooting and will be on set for about 14 hours, so it is doubtful we will celebrate at all. I am excited to spend the day with my little Valentine, but we get to do that everyday. Maybe as Jack grows and begins to celebrate with candy hearts and valentines for school yard crushes I can recapture the spirit of St. Valentine. But until then bah humbug. I can’t eat chocolates anyway there is dairy in them!

Anyway here are a few pics of some of my favorite famous couples. Maybe they will help me and any other romantic Grinches out there feel more festive?

Joanne Woodward & Paul Newman

Liz & Dick

F. Scott & Zelda Fitzgerald

Jim Morrison & Pamela Courson

Mr. Darcy & Elizabeth Bennet

I am aware that this pair is not an actual couple, being as they are fictitious. But don’t you wish they were?

Beautiful Day

The dedication for Jack was so beautiful. The ceremony was short, sweet and perfectly reflected why I wanted to do the dedication. We ended up doing it outside, the grounds were just too tempting. Afterwards we had a brunch at our house. The whole day made me supremely happy. Of course it would not be us, if something outlandish and funny did not occur, but that is another post. Here is a taste of the day. The photos were taken by our talented and generous friend Jesse Narducci. Enjoy


This weekend we are having a dedication ceremony at a local Unitarian church for Jack. For those unfamiliar, a dedication is similar to a baptism or christening. And it is a really beautiful way to honor and celebrate the new life that has joined your family.

I have had a few people question why I want to have one, since I am not a member of any particular church, and never have been. But it really does mean a great deal to me.

The journey to Jack was the hardest of my life, filled with more sorrow than I thought my skin could hold. I became so much more  aware of myself as a person. All my flaws, strengths, loves, and desires all became startlingly vivid. I learned for the first time what it really meant to be married.  To have a partner in grief and in hope. I learned that what I had always thought but never tested was true; that when I want something I will fight until there is no fight left. And although it is against my nature I can eventually let go if I need to.

After experiencing difficulty conceiving and then losing my first pregnancy I fought really hard to keep hope alive, to move forward, to become healthy and to have the courage to try again. There was a point when I felt I  had done all that I could and that it was time to let go. To offer it up to Nature, to God, to the universe. To trust that If I let go of this desire, it would be fulfilled if it was meant to be. And if it was not meant to be, then that would have to be O.K. too.  I had been praying for a child, and now I was letting the prayer go.

I was in North County San Diego the day before my birthday. I went for a walk alone on my favorite stretch of beach. Musing about what the next year would bring. Knowing my one desire for the year, but knowing I could not spend another year obsessing. I picked up a lovely flat rock from the sand. I had pen in my pocket and I wrote one word on it; BABY. And then I threw it in to the sea as far as I could throw and watched is sink in the waves. I threw away my desire, for what I wanted most in the world. Threw away the crushing longing I carried in my lungs. Threw it away and let go. Decided what ever happened was meant to be. I felt heartbroken and elated all at once.

Two weeks later I got pregnant with Jack, Jack Dylan Lynch. Jack means God is gracious. Dylan means son of the sea.  I wanted to have a dedication  for him, to honor this life changing process. To say thank you for this amazing gift. To acknowledge that God had indeed been gracious in giving me my little son of the sea.