That is the word over here. Jack  has begun to teeth. I have had my suspicions for a while, he has been exhibiting all the signs; drooling, biting, grabbing his ears, trouble sleeping, diaper rash, red cheeks and chin and being very sensitive. But now I can really feel the swelling on his gums.

And let me tell you the biting during nursing is no joke. What is going to happen when he actually has teeth? I stop nursing when he bites, hoping to teach him a little cause and effect, well apparently he will not be taught. He bit really today so I let out a rather loud yelp to see if I could startle him a little, and also because it really hurt. He lifted his face, flashed me the biggest grin and yelled back, then laughed and continued nursing apparently delighted that I was partaking in his favorite activity; yelling loudly. The kid has got some lungs.

I really hope his tooth breaks through soon, I hate to see him in pain, and I love to sleep. So hopefully the appearance of an actual tooth will help both. It seems strange to me that you get money when you lose a tooth but not when you grow one. Doesn’t it seem more difficult to grow something, than to lose something? Clearly the Tooth Fairy is not working on a system where greater effort equals a greater reward. 

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