Country Girl

8 Months

We just returned from a trip to our tiny home town in Iowa for a baby shower and a little country time. Days were spent swimming, barbecuing, walking and catching up with friends. It was such a lovely time…..and now where home.

It seems so foreign to me that I will be raising my little one in LA. Even though I have been here almost 10 years, and it feels like home, it does feel like a bit of a pinch when I think of what he will be missing. My own childhood was shaped so much by nature and weather. Building forts in the fields, sneaking out to skinny dip, Snowball fights, frosty cheeks, and rain storms.

I am sure there are a lot of amazing things that the city has to offer, that I will be able to discover through his small eyes. I am looking forward to the adventure. But I still wonder, country versus city which is the best for the little ones?