Happy Mothers Day! My lovely mother-to-be.

Hey Love,

Happy mothers day. I love you so much. You are going to be such a wonderful mom. I am so excited to bring this baby into the world with you. Its so amazing that I get to raise a child with YOU. It’s going to be so much fun and he will be so rad!

Here is your very own blog. Its a bit of a temporary one to start, but I have many plans to get you going on one that I will tel you all about. For now, write your mind, write a story, just WRITE! You are such a good writer. You owe it to yourself to do this.

I love you more that I can express. You are the world to me. Happy mothers day Bebe.



  • A slice of the lovely chaos that is my life, as a mostly stay at home Mama, wife, sometimes producer, Axle Rose owner (the dog not the man) living in Los Angeles.

    Thanks for taking a gander xoxo Louise

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